Back from the Grammys


Pretty amazing trip out to LA for an absurdly surreal experience at the Grammys. Big thanks to Chip for putting together an amazing Grammy day for us… complete with private limo and the red carpet treatment. Such a weird feeling to hop out of a limo with Will Smith and Nicole Kidman directly in front of us. It was a lot like my normal every day commute to the office! HA

The list of people we either saw, rubbed shoulders with, shook hands with, or talked to is pretty crazy. Funny to live in the celebrity world for a little bit…. even for a few hours. The above pic was taken at the very beginning of the show. Huge congratulations to Arcade Fire for pulling off a slightly epic upset. Such a nice change of pace to see a band with instruments in their hands win such a huge award.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and again a giant thanks to Chip Taylor and the whole Train Wreck Records team for making it all happen. Hopefully someday we will be able to do it all again.

ps. I love LA!

Let the Show Begin!

Let the Show Begin!