Who makes up this list…

This is a list of friends, crafters, people who inspire, co-workers, collaborators, designers, people I want to meet, personal interests, bands we love, people I want to work with, programmers, hobbies, great stores, music shops, food sites, music blogs, design blogs, beer blogs and a little bit of random. Some of these sites are amazingly designed and some are not designed. Take a look around and consider this the official source of things seen in The Litter Box. Enjoy!

Design / Craft / Inspiring

  • Aesthetic Apparatus The best silkscreen team from the land of 10,000 lakes has.
  • Automatic Art & Design Amazing work from an Ohio native! Definitely one of my design heroes.
  • Big Wonderful Inc. They build sites, they build documentaries, they build airplanes, they build movies, and they build electric cars.
  • Bjorn Ramberg Best Swede I know!
  • Campfire Goods The best t-shirt company in the world… by far, not even close… seriously there are a lot of t-shirt companies but this one is by far the best one out there. Check them out at wearecampfire.com…
  • Charley Harper The greatest illustrator of all time.
  • Christy Taray My partner in crime. The designer, the crafter, the knitter, the stylist, the illustrator. You name it… she can do it.
  • Corky Mansfield Our new friends who we gutted it out in Vegas with.
  • Criswell Lappin The Tito Puente of Magazine Covers.
  • Greg Swingle Do you like crash ‘em up derby?
  • Matt Bouloutian Amazing designer with a knack for creating some of the most textured / layered beautiful things in the world. Two words… BLACKOAK!
  • Matthew Salacuse Pure genius photographer who never stops workin’.
  • Metropolis Magazine Great magazine we are proud to call clients / friends / and an overall inspiration.
  • Micah Kraus Great artist of all kinds. Kind of a five-tool designer if there is such a thing. And if there is he has probably already drawn it.
  • Michael Marucco Fellow Akronite with a great site.
  • Michael Schmelling Great photographer who has shot pretty much every band we love.
  • Moniker Great T-shirt friends from California
  • Nancy Nowacek Seriously, Ice Cream Truck Karaoke. UNREAL!
  • Nick Caruso Design Mighty fine book jackets from mi amigo Dickie… aka my Campfire Partner in Crime.
  • Ohiogirl Great name / Great design
  • Rhythmic Uprising A great documentary from our buddies Ben and Eliciana
  • Siobhan Vivian A fun new young adult writer.
  • Stereotype Design NYC Best co-worker I have ever had!
  • Stislow Design + Illustration Great design from the around the world duo!
  • Substance My friend Stephen Landau… a great designer, great writer, and now running an amazing studio out of Portland West.
  • Supermaggie Very fine t-shirt company who has helped us a ton learning our process.
  • uTurn Photography Our good friend Kristy who put in a ridiculous amount of hours on the Photography for the site. WE LOVE IT!!!