This is a list of friends, crafters, people who inspire, co-workers, collaborators, designers, people I want to meet, personal interests, bands we love, people I want to work with, programmers, hobbies, great stores, music shops, food sites, music blogs, design blogs, beer blogs and a little bit of random. Some of these sites are amazingly designed and some are not designed. Take a look around and consider this the official source of things we like here at Ohioboy. Enjoy! 

AESTHETIC APPARATUS The best silkscreen duo the land of 10,000 lakes has to offer. AMERICAN ANALOG SET Long live this great great band! AUTOMATIC ART & DESIGN Amazing work from an Ohio native! Definitely one of my design heros. BADGE BOMB Great buttons! BARACK OBAMA Best news in a long long time! BIG WONDERFUL INC. They build sites, they build documentaries, they build airplanes, they build movies, and they build electric cars. BJORN RAMBERG Best Swede I know! My favorite MTV co-worker and a great designer BROADCAST Some of favorite record covers of all time. The Noise Made By People is an all time classic. BUSY BEAVER BUTTONS Amazing name and a great place for buttons! CAMPFIRE GOODS The best t-shirt company in the world... by far, not even close... seriously there are a lot of t-shirt companies but this one is by far the best one out there. Check them out at well worth it because they are the best. CATBIRDSEAT Good music blog from a native Ohioan. CHARLEY HARPER The greatest illustrator of all time. CHRISTY TARAY My partner in crime. The designer, the crafter, the knitter, the stylist, the illustrator. You name it... she can do it. The hardest worker I know! CHROMEWAVES Great music reviews and lots of mp3s to try. COMPUTER PERFECTION Amazing band from Michigan. CORKY MANSFIELD Our new friends who we gutted it out in Vegas with. CRISWELL LAPPIN The Tito Puente of Magazine Covers. Our friend and Creative Director of Metropolis Magazine. DBR This is essential for the existence of Ohioboy Art & Design. GREG SWINGLE Do you like crash 'em up derby? IMOGENE Beautiful jewelry from the great city that brought us The Dead Milkmen. INDIE PAGES Great music reviews and sounds. MATT BOULOUTIAN Amazing designer with a knack for creating some of the most textured / layered beautiful things in the world. Two words... BLACKOAK! MATTHEW SALACUSE Pure genius photographer who never stops workin'. METROPOLIS MAGAZINE Great magazine we are proud to call clients / friends / and an overall inspiration. MICAH KRAUS Great artist of all kinds. Kind of a five-tool designer if there is such a thing. And if there is he has probably already drawn it. MICHAEL MARUCCO Fellow Akronite with a great site. MICHAEL SCHMELLING Great photographer who has shot about every band we love. MONIKER Best design display we have ever seen this year. NANCY NOWACEK Seriously, Ice Cream Truck Karaoke. UNREAL! NICK CARUSO DESIGN New studio and some mighty fine book jackets from mi amigo Dickie. OEIC The brains behind this site. Thanks again Steve! OHIOGIRL Great name / Great design PARASOL Amazing record store. We buy a hell of a lot from here! PAS/CAL One of our all time favorite bands. Brings a smile every time! RHYTHMIC UPRISING A great documentary done to seeks to empower a movement of artists who are using local traditions in Brazil. SIOBHAN VIVIAN A fun new young adult writer. SLOAN Amazing band! They make us think Canada might be the coolest place on earth! SQUARE RECORDS Our favorite music store just happens to be right here in Akron. Great work Dave! STEREOTYPE DESIGN NYC Best co-worker I have ever had! STISLOW DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION Great design from the around the world duo! SUBSTANCE My friend Stephen Landau... a great designer, great writer, and now running an amazing studio. SUPERDRAG Thank God they are back! One of my favorite live bands of all time. SUPERMAGGIE Our friends from Louisiana! Amazing t-shirt company who has helped us a ton learning our process. TULLYCRAFT Great band / Great blog